Welcome to Tours To You! I hope that this site will become a valuable resource to those interested in the many touring Broadway productions playing throughout the US. Let me give a short guide to the site:

-To see a complete listing of each show, click on the season of interest in the heading, or locate the “All Shows” link under the corresponding season. Then, use your browser’s searching tool to locate a specific show on that page. Click on the title of the show to take you to the show’s page.

-If you already know which show you’re looking for under a specific season, you’ll find it listed in alphabetical order on the main menu. Simply hover over the season to see all of the shows playing during the season. On the show’s individual page, you’ll find a chronological order of stops, and an accompanying map, which will be updated following each season announcement.

-Another page listed under each season is “Tables and Charts.” I have created several spreadsheets that represent in different ways when a show is playing in any venue during that season. I also have a sheet that tracks when the season announcements take place. For now, you’ll have to click on the link to take you to the site to view those sheets.

-I have also a stats page that will list some interesting facts for the given season.

-Also on the main menu is a calendar which will keep track of all of the known season announcements. I’ve found that not all announcement announcements are made known with sufficient time to add it to the calendar. So, if one is not listed but the information is inputted into the pages on this site, there’s a good chance I didn’t see a announcement announcement. A few upcoming announcements will be listed on the sidebar.

-Under the “Archives” tab, I plan on compiling long-term information, such as a season announcements history and a show history for each venue. I will also archive each season following its end. (Note: although there is no official start or end to the season, this term is loose. However, I have determined that a season generally starts in early August and ends by the following July.)

-Lastly, I want to let you know that if you enjoy the content on this site, feel free to make a donation via Patreon or Paypal. A lot of love and time goes into making all of this possible, so any donations you can provide will certainly help keep this site going for years to come. Click on the “Support” button on the menu to see the options for making a donation, and thank you for the support!

So that’s about the long and short of it. I plan on keeping my comments to a minimum, letting the data speak for itself. I plan on providing the occasional update focused on upcoming season announcements, reactions to the season as a whole, and predictions.

Thanks for stopping by!