Season Announcements

Note: not all venues presenting a touring Broadway show make a formal season announcement.  Only those that do are represented in this spreadsheet.
In addition to this spreadsheet, consult the Calendar for upcoming main season announcements.
Every effort goes into making sure we have accurate information. If you have a tip, or if there is an error, feel free to Contact Us.
The following chart contains the following:

  • Main Season Announcements, meaning the date at which a venue or organization announces a complete or bulk amount of their season. The list is in chronological order starting from the earliest announcement at the top of the page. The last column details the difference from the previous season announcement. For example, if a season was announced three days earlier than the previous year, if will display “-3”.
  • Pre-Announcements, or show announcements that were made prior to the main season announcement.
  • Post-Announcements, or additional shows that were announced after the main season announcement.
  • A listing of past main season announcements in chronological order.