New YouTube Channel!

As I being prepping things for year two of the site, one of the new additions I’m happy to introduce today is a new YouTube channel! The channel will present official montages and clips from several of the shows which have been, currently are, and will be going on tour.

Although it’s still a work in progress, you can view the page here. You can also access the channel by clicking on the YouTube icon at the footer of each page on this site. While you will be able to view all of the individual videos I upload, I am also arranging the videos into playlists defined by the season.

Not to be too cliché, but, if you want to be notified as to when I post new videos, be sure to subscribe to the channel. Although it’s entirely possible that more will be added in the coming months, I don’t anticipate uploading any more videos until the 20/21 season announcements begin early next year.

In addition, I am beginning to add more videos to the individual shows’ pages. Examples of this can be found on the 20/21 pages for Frozen and The Prom. My hope is that this will help give a small taste to those who are curious about the show, as well as satiate the theatre nerds’ desires for more content.

At this time, there are no plans to produce original content. I simply don’t have the time and resources to undertake such a task.

Thanks for dropping by to visit the site today! Stay tuned for more updates and announcements!