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The Wizard of Oz

Alma, AR6-7 October 2018
Pittsburg, KS9 October 2018
Longview, TX11 October 2018
Richardson, TX12-13 October 2018
Orange, TX14 October 2018
Columbus, GA16-17 October 2018
Oxford, AL18 October 2018
Chattanooga, TN19-20 October 2018
Oxford, MS21 October 2018
Dayton, OH23-25 October 2018
Danville, KY26 October 2018
Lima, OH27 October 2018
Morgantown, WV28 October 2018
Portsmouth, OH29 October 2018
Red Bank, NJ31 October-1 November 2018
Morristown, NJ2-3 November 2018
Binghamton, NY4 November 2018
York, PA6 November 2018
Worcester, MA8-11 November 2018
Ft. Myers, FL5-6 December 2018
Miami, FL (Knight)7-8 December 2018
Clearwater, FL9 December 2018
Daytona Beach, FL10 December 2018
Pensacola, FL12 December 2018
Richmond, VA14-16 December 2018
Charlotte, NC (Ovens)17-20 December 2018
Schenectady, NY22-23 December 2018
New Haven, CT27-30 December 2018
Tacoma, WA15 January 2019
Olympia, WA16 January 2019
Medford, OR17 January 2019
Folsom, CA18-20 January 2019
Modesto, CA22-23 January 2019
Palm Desert, CA25-27 January 2019
Bakersfield, CA28 January 2019
Casper, WY30 January 2019
Idaho Falls, ID31 January 2019
Missoula, MT1 February 2019
Great Falls, MT2 February 2019
Bozeman, MT4 February 2019
Owensboro, KY7 February 2019
Nashville, TN8-10 February 2019
Niceville, FL11 February 2019
New Orleans, LA12-13 February 2019
Norfolk, VA15-17 February 2019
Columbia, SC18 February 2019
Houston, TX (SPA)23-24 February 2019
Cleveland, MS26 February 2019
Rockford, IL28 February 2019
Saginaw, MI1 March 2019
Ft. Wayne, IN3 March 2019
Alto, NM10 March 2019
San Antonio, TX (Tobin)12 March 2019
Reno, NV15-17 March 2019
  • Runtime: 1 hours 30 minutes
  • Intermissions: 0
  • Age Recommendation: 6+

This production of The Wizard of Oz is a spectacular celebration of that classic 1939 MGM film. It’s a new, refreshed and lavish rendition of the beloved classic. Audiences young and old, seeing it for the first time or the fifth, will be dazzled by the brightly colored sets, charmed by its timeless score and enthralled with its breathtaking special effects. It truly is a wonderful show for the whole family. And whether it creates new memories or conjures them up from the past, everyone deserves to experience or relive the wonderful, whimsical and enduring story, The Wizard of Oz .

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