Venue Rankings

This page is CURRENTLY under construction. CHECK BACK LATER FOR UPDATES.

This page is experimental for the 23/24 season. Changes and updates could be made throughout the season.

Explanation: This page provides a ranking for each venue presenting touring Broadway musicals, plays and the occasional holiday or miscellaneous show. Each show presented by the venue is scored based on (1) a show’s age and (2) its union status. A raw score is displayed as well as a weighted score to help provide a more equal overall score. See the “Score Breakdown” sheet below for specifics and examples. The final ranking is based on the average of the raw and weighted scores.

The rankings begin at the start of season announcement season, and will be continuously updated throughout a season, with the final rankings for each season being secured between October and December each year, after which they will be reset. Updates will be made as shows and union statutes are made known.

Rankings can be executed using a variety of methodologies and metrics; this is just one way in which a ranking system could be devised while trying to remain as objective as possible. Each show and venue have a value beyond any quantifiable metric. 

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