A couple of years ago, I had the thought of trying to predict my local venue’s Broadway season. I thought that it was going to be a simple matter. However, I soon realized that in order for me to predict my local venue, I would have to know which shows were being presented at the venues close by my local one. This led me to considering knowing about the shows in my state, the region, and then, naturally, the country.

So on I went creating spreadsheets and documents. I wanted to be able to figure out if there was a way to display various ways of showing when any given show was playing at any given venue on any given date. Knowing this would be a huge task, I searched the web to see whether there was one website that had all of this information. As far as I can tell, one doesn’t exist; so I have created this blog in an effort to have a centralized resource for culling and disseminating information regarding the touring productions.

This blog is mostly a way for me to quench my thirst for researching a subject I enjoy. I hope that it will be a wonderful resource to all who use it for years to come.


I have a music degree from Florida State University, dally into composing and arranging, enjoy trying to do the Times crossword, and can probably quote the entire “The Third Man” if needed.


I do not claim to have any insider knowledge of the information presented here. All information is presented as a response to previously-announced tours and seasons. Any predictions made are purely based on speculation and my own opinion.